Are you taking care of your website? Your website is an asset. If you take care of your assets you can expect better returns from it.

How does NOT taking care of your website look like:

  • No backups (especially offsite backups)
  • Not updating your website from time-to-time 
  • Not updating extensions (you see a lot of update messages when logged in the admin section)
  • Adding extensions (plugins) and not removing those not needed
  • Weak passwords
  • No security systems

How does taking care of your website look like:

  • Frequent backups
  • Updating your core system
  • Updating extensions 
  • Strong passwords
  • Security systems in place

Like you car you paid good money for your website. Maintaining your website and taking care of your website extends the life and use of it.

What are the risks of not maintaining your website? 

  • Malware installed
  • Slow site speed
  • Defaced site (your site shows a different message than the intended one)
  • Hacked site 
  • Reputation damage
  • Lost business
  • Web site down time

Need help keeping your site healthy? Contact us today for information on our monthly website care packages. Packages start from R495 per month per website. Each website is different which means we need to review your site and the extensions installed. Paid extensions, plugins, or templates will be for your account. We work with Wordpress and Joomla websites.

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