Quick overview on getting support

How we work - SLA (service level agreement)

This is how things work in the office.

Week Planning - Monday morning: what a great day:
- all requests (website changes, updates, articles, links, pages, design, images, etc.) get logged
- all requests are reviewed and an estimated time to complete is determined
- these requests are scheduled for the week on a specific date and time
- the week starts and we work to complete all requests on the schedule

New requests in the week: new requests received in the week are scheduled to be handled the following Monday. Requests could take between 2 to 8 working days to be completed depending on work load (priority support is available on a monthly support package).

Updated requests in the week: The request will be done depending on the nature of the request and work load. If not completed in the week the updated request will be scheduled for the following week.

Access Requests: Same day response on access requests (email, passwords, cpanel, etc).

Service Down Support: Highest priority to get the technical team working. Most of the time the technical team is already working on it when we get a request.

Any other way of requesting support will delay the request. The request might even get lost due to spam filters and the amount of emails running through the accounts.

We end every day with getting the items ready for the next day. Emails are not checked every minute, or every hour. Only the client ticket support system is monitored frequently for support requests.
All support will be levied at current support rates.

Ticket Support Best Practices

Here are some best practices for ticket support:

  • Keep to one support ticket per support item. Please do not add multiple support items to one ticket. This makes feedback on a ticket a long process and slows support for you.
  • Attach a screen shot if possible (a picture says a thousand words)
  • Keep to the point
  • Ask one question in the ticket
  • Open multiple tickets for various requests
  • Indicate in the support ticket what occurred
  • Add a link if possible
  • Website updates and changes: If you require work to be done on your website please detail each request separately (current support fees applicable for all work requests).
  • CRM: All CRM requests must be logged. Out of service support or advanced support will be levied at current support rates.
  • Computers / Mobile Phones / Tablets: We are not an IT support company. For any IT related matters please contact your IT firm (this will include setting up any emails on any computer or device).

Invoices, Payments and Debit Orders

Here is a brief overview of our invoice, debit order and payment process:

Debit Orders

  • Some services work on debit order
  • Debit orders are available on the 1st, 7th and 15h of every month
  • An invoice will be created after the debit order run and will be available in your account (client portal)
  • If your debit order is returned we will invoice you for the amount (this process will then follow the invoice process)

Invoice Process

  • Invoices are created at the end of the month 5 days before the due date (usually around the 27th of the month depending on holidays and weekends)
  • You will receive an email with your invoice and due date for payment
  • A day before the due date you will receive a reminder via email
  • Upon payment you will receive a payment confirmation email

If we have not received payment the following steps will take place:

  • 5 days after the due date you will receive a 1st overdue notice
  • 10 days after the due date a 2nd overdue notice
  • 15 days after your due date with no payment services will be suspended due to non payment

When setting up emails we can supply details of your email account. However, we do not support setting up your account (either on pc, laptop, tablet or cell phone. There are too many programs, phones and settings). Please ask the manufacture for details. The videos above will guide you setting up your email account. You can also get all the details in your cpanel. 

Yearly Schedule

Here is our yearly schedule. 

  • Jan - Trends report, Price and Strategy update
  • Feb - Strategy implementation and Marketing Seminar
  • March - New product for the year and Marketing Seminar
  • April - Client reviews
  • May - Marketing Seminar
  • June - Marketing Seminar
  • July - Client reviews 
  • Aug - Marketing Seminar
  • Sep - New product for the year
  • Oct - Client reviews
  • Nov - Marketing Seminar
  • Dec - Strategy development 

Weekly Marketing Schedule

  • Monday - Classifieds
  • Tuesday – Blog updates
  • Wednesday – Links and adwords reviews
  • Thursday - Social sharing (post and schedule)
  • Friday – Weekly Reviews and list items for following week

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