Do you want more traffic to your website? Search Engine Optimization helps you list and rank in search engines to get more traffic to your website!

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

SEO is specific online work done to drive more traffic to your website. In short SEO is how, where, and why, your website is listed on search engines like Google and Bing. We mainly focus on Google as it has most of the traffic (people searching).

What are rankings?

There is a two-step process in SEO. The first is getting your site listed with the search engines. Once your site is listed it will rank. Rank means where it is displayed when you search for something related to your business. Your website could be on page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or lower. The second step in the process is increasing your ranking on search engines. This process is called SEO.

Is the work involved the same for ALL businesses?

No. SEO differs for each market. Some markets are more competitive than others. This means more work needs to be done on a more consistent basis to see results in more competitive markets.

How quickly can we expect results?

SEO is a long terms process. We typically see results in 3 to 6 months time. If your market is more competitive it might take longer. We suggest at least 12 months for best results with SEO.

SEO changes every day ... it is really the only constant ... change! This means it is about tweaking and updating pages, creating links, doing things sometimes just a little different.You can be on the first page today and not the next day. It is important to have multiple sources of traffic to your website, not just one.

Why are people on the internet? They are looking for information! And information is the words, pictures, video used to create, update and maintain websites.

SEO Audits

We perform website audits from time-to-time ... it is like having a checkup, to ensure everything is working as it should. Our SEO specialists will have a look at your site, even under the bonnet, check links and give you a report on their findings. From there we have a casual chat about what it all means, and even looking at ways to make it better. You do want your site to do good for your business, right?

Link Building

Get more votes for your site! Links are like votes for your site. A steady increase in votes is good for your website, and good for your business. This can really help with getting your site higher on the search engines and more traffic in the process. We keep on working on creating links using web 2.0 sites and directories.

Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO

We allocate 50% of the work to actions done on your website, called onsite. This will might be updating page keywords, updating images, adding content, etc. Offsite is mainly about creating links back to your site, work not done on your website. We use directories and web 2.0 sites to get links back to your website. Some clients can put a more advanced strategy in place to get even more links to their site and more traffic.

SEO Items include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Ranking analysis
  • SEO Copy writing
  • Site Architecture Analysis
  • Meta Data Analysis
  • 301 Redirects
  • Blog and Content Creation
  • On Page SEO implementation
  • Link building (directories, web 2.0 sites)
  • Mini blog updates
  • Sitemap
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Weekly and Monthly Reports

What happens when your keywords change?

Changing keywords impacts rankings. This means the focus changes and work starts on the new set of keywords.

How many keywords should I focus on?

Each page should focus on between 1 to 3 main keywords. More keywords is seen as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing, adding hundreds of keywords on a page is not good SEO practice.

Will my site always be on the first page?

Results do change over time. You can be on page one today and be on page 4 the day after. There are many factors impacting SEO. It changes daily.

Will I get reports?

We will schedule weekly and monthly reports on traffic to your website.

How many times do you review results?

Results are reviewed 2 times per year and updates are made from there. Monthly meetings are available at an additional fee.

Coding and development will be scoped separately if needed. Additional pages, changing words, adding images, newsletters and support will be levied at current rates.

Monthly SEO Packages (Per business / site / branch - initial setup R2500)

  • Local SEO: R1995 pm (9 main keywords)

  • City SEO: R3995 pm (12 main keywords)

  • Regional SEO: R5995 pm (15 main keywords)

  • National SEO: R9995 pm (30 main keywordas)

These prices are used as a baseline. More competitive markets will require more work. Contact us today for a detailed market review and competitor analysis.

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