There is ONE big mistake MOST businesses make when it comes to marketing. Because of this single BIG mistake their marketing never performs well.

When you FIX this single mistake and re-align your marketing you:

  • Focus your marketing where it should focus
  • Get better, faster, more direct results

We have developed an Online Marketing Framework. This framework is focused on FIXING the single biggest mistake most businesses make when it comes to their digital marketing.

How does it work? We do a 3 to 4 hour strategy session using our online marketing framework as basis for the session. 

What do I need to do the session? We ask for some specific information and detail about the business. This is needed BEFORE the session. People who will be joining the session will have do some work. 

What will be covered during the session? The session covers a wide marketing spectrum. The following key items are discussed:

  • Your current clients
  • Your ideal type of clients
  • Messages
  • Core services
  • Main keywords
  • Branding
  • Marketing and Sales processes

For which type of businesses will this work? This session is ideal for businesses who have been in business for some time. Offering different products or services, and where there are people searching online.

For who will it not work? Start up businesses who do not have current or past clients. Low searches and low marketing budgets. If your average transaction value is very low this will not be ideal for you.

Interested? Contact us now to schedule your strategy session. The session is R3500 and includes the time we have together, and the online marketing framework. The result will be a workable planned online 12 month online strategic plan.

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