SEO Basics

So what are SEO basics? SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you have a website and you want traffic from search engines then SEO is something to consider.

There are a couple basics SEO checks you can do. SEO is focused on 2 key items; on-page and off-page.

On-page is everything done on your website. This includes:

  • Content (the words)
  • Links (needs to be SEO friendly)
  • Speed (faster is better)
  • Images (as fast as possible and descriptions)
  • Freshness (this is your blog)

Off-page SEO is everything done off your website. This includes:

  • Links to your website
  • Business directories
  • Social media links
  • Social mentions

Here are some frequently asked questions about SEO.

What is the cost of SEO?

Great question. The cost really depends on 2 factors. The first is how competitive your market is. More competitive markets takes more effort and time which increases the cost. The second factor is speed. The faster you want results the more needs to be done.

What is an SEO strategy?

Just doing things without a clear strategy and goal wastes time and money. Having a clear strategy helps define your SEO activities. 

What is an SEO campaign? 

A SEO campaign is where the focus is on something VERY specific. For instance you want to increase the traffic to a VERY specific page or offer. It is ideal to have a specific page that is evergreen. This means something that will be relevant for a long time. Monthly or weekly promotions do not work well here.

What is an SEO plan?

The SEO plan is the activities that is planned for your search engine marketing. This is where the tire hits the road. It is the actual work being done.

What results can you expect from SEO?

SEO is a medium to long term strategy. Online that means 6 months or longer. Sometimes results happen faster (increased rankings and traffic). The market moves and search engines consistently makes changes. You need to know about this and adjust your plan.

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