GDPR update

Have you seen all the updates on privacy policies? There is a reason behind it. 

It is called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). If you have a subscriber (someone on your leads list; email system, SMS system, etc) or client(s); in the EU, even if it is just one; you need to comply with GDPR.

Systems we use have updated their policies and functionality for GDPR. BUT; that is not where it ends. It is not just a tick-box and system update. 

It is important for you to review your privacy policies; systems, procedures, your website; lead capture forms, CRM systems, etc. 

We are not in a position to give you legal advice. We recommend you consult with an attorney to understand the compliance requirements for your specific business as each business is different. 

Some considerations include:

  • Have a clear opt-in checkbox for people to consent to receiving marketing communication
  • SSL: secure socket layer on your website (this helps encrypting communication)
  • Update your privacy policy on your website (especially if you are using cookies; used for tracking purposes like Google analytics)
  • Review your current systems: How and where are you handling customer information? Look at your website (lead and contact forms), CRM, newsletter systems, accounting systems, SMS systems, automation tools, email, backups, etc.
  • Customer information: What is needed and why (how is it used)?

If you have any questions; please give me a call on 082 325 3082 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.