What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to the various things that you can do in order to increase the visibility and awareness of your site in search engines. SEO techniques focus on increasing both the organic, or natural traffic that you may receive based obviously on your ranking within the search engines.

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One of the many goals of SEO is to ensure that, at all times, your website appeals to search engine crawlers or bots. The various search engines will take note of your site as well as your content, place it, or in other words categorize it to show up in other SERPs( Search Engine Results pages) when certain keywords are typed.

Large amounts of Webmasters or SEO professionals will focus on the use of proper keywords for research purposes. They are always sure to allow for clarity within the setup of your websites headers, tags, descriptions, file names, internal cross linking, external backlinking and of course the quality content creation.

All Search Engines make use of their own algorithms to determine the rankings of every page that is indexed, however it is still possible to increase you rankings on all or most Search Engines by ensuring that your site is both informative and visible via both on and off-page techniques. The sites that are designed for ease-of-use an quality information in mind are the sites that tend to do better than those sites that are sloppy and have no solid plan.